Eddie Fowlkes

Eddie Fowlkes

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Honored by the Detroit Historical Museum's exhibit "Techno: Detroit's Gift to the World", Eddie Fowlkes and three other cohorts were featured for originating Detroit Techno music. The exhibit captured his over 25 years plus of experience in the music industry, stretching back to when he got his first mixer for Christmas in 1978.

That mixer led him to understand the power that music could have on people. In 1984, Eddie had an epiphany, which inspired him to make his first hit record, "Goodbye Kiss" (released on Metroplex records in 1986). And his colleagues, Derrick May (roommate at the time) and Kevin Saunderson followed suit. Eddie created the domino effect that changed the dance music world forever and became the Godfather of Technosoul.

He was inducted into the Detroit Legends Plaza at the Detroit Historical Museum, where his handprints are forever set in cement. As Detroit techno became the subject of more interest from European DJs and producers, Eddie was the fabric of the German techno scene in 1992. The German label Tresor released their third 12' in 1992 by Eddie Fowlkes.

The release was called 3MB with Moritz von Oswald and Thomas Feldmann. Eddie has recordings on Sony, BMG, Warner Brothers,Tresor, Azuli, P.I.A.S.(London) to name a few majors and independents. He has remixed/produced The Pet Shop Boys, Moby, Martha Wash, as well as countless European artists. In 2012, Resident Advisor did an exclusive on him titled "Eddie Fowlkes: The Belleville Fourth".

Eddie will start a DJ residency at The Bussey Bldg. in London. He will be releasing a 4-track EP on Desolat Records and currently work on his own labels also: Detroit Wax & Cityboy Records.

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