Livernois Avenue is one of the most dangerous sections, not just of Detroit, if not all U.S. It is a critical area of a city that already lives in a perennial crisis and a percentage of unemployed and racial clashes that make it easy gun area. Perhaps for this reason, the Dutch producer Orlando Voorn, which reissued the Madrid label after his past contribution to the catalog of the Seven series, has decided to title one of his tracks on the EP, 'For the love'. The producer has lived in Detroit and knows that techno was born to give a voice, without a word, to the disinherited. He knows well that techno spread the word and the love. Techno is still a reference for those that are seeking the utopian social peace. And Victor Santana, who has also been to Detroit, gives the replica with 'Carabanchel', a reminiscent of Detroit in Madrid.


Víctor Santana - Carabanchel
Victor Santana unleashed more than ever. We notice that he is playing at home. Carabanchel, the place where Santana helds his studio. The recording studio where Chaval Records dreams are molded. The place were screaming divas invite to the party. A track that surfs between waves of ecstasy and it reminds house productions of the early 90s. It is the party of the neighborhood. The party of the street. Carabanchel-Detroit... to heaven.

Orlando Voorn - Essence of house The essence of house is in the connection between body and mind. The link that connects your heart with your head while dancing to the beat of a four by four well marked. A keyboard that breaks in the middle of a jungle of beats to remind us that in essence house is what makes us beat. And to us that makes us happy is that tune. Essential house. Essential beat.

Orlando Voorn - For the love
The strings, the set and the cadence of the 'For the love' show us Orlando Voorn among the best techno classic producers of this planet. A haven of peace that comes from another world and that seems ideal for logging or to finish a night in flight and space planning. 'For the love' is the best tracks that a veteran producer could make. A veteran producer who shoots lucid counterpoint to the incessant noise out there. For the love is for the soul.

Orlando Voorn- For the love (Víctor Santana remix)
If Orlando Voorn shows us what is floating in a soup of bread, Victor Santana's remix of 'For the love' is handled in a more bubbly spirit than the original track. The spaniard returns to resort to other sampled voices that open to the festive spirit of some insistent keyboards. Maybe a reminiscent of a fetish item in this techno like the Good Life's Inner City. And that's good. Very good. Victor's remix is a spur stuck in your ass to move. You'll want to ride in galactic prairies. Then, a break comes as a big black hole and then you stay orbiting in a galaxy that could be called happiness. Victor Santana in a sweet moment. And that's good. Very good.


Three months after the first installment in which Victor Santana SEVEN series began with individual themes that were remixed by two international stars, Orlando Voorn and Terrence Dixon, now comes the second chapter of Chaval Records exclusive series with Toby Leeming aka The Third Man as the main protagonist. The young British producer is the new guest to pilot this new reference of Chaval Records label, eight in total for the label record from Madrid. Three cuts of techno who shows the best from Detroit and techno bleep sound that shined in the British Isles in the 90s. A twelve inches which is plenty of rhythms set in these infectious melodies that both refer to the perennial haze of Motor City, as referred to the infinite happiness of the raves that push England to the happiness just twenty years ago. That is, a record that regenerates body and mind, but that does not neglect the affairs of the heart. Like everything that takes Victor Santana at hand. This time, the spaniard closes the reference with epic and orchestral remix for one of the most prominent themes of the album, A & E Rave.

Chaval Records welcomes one of the producers who has matured more and better in the new breed of British techno producers seeking to recover the spirit of the 90s without falling into the easy and empty nostalgia.


Toby Leeming has crossed his middle twenties in a very good form, not only for his publications on labels such as Ai Records or Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART) owned by Kirk Degiorgio, which are a reality, but also because it has been shown who has managed to thoroughly soak the classical teachings of Detroit with new technological possibilities that introduces the XXI century. Leeming is therefore vital for a good time sharpen their sound, Detroit debtor but without forgetting all that IDM so important in English techno 90s. influences that were very well received in the infamous Ai Records in 2008 with an entire album: "Clarion Call".

SEVEN Serie 02

In "Madrigal", the opening track on this second SEVEN, we can enjoying the art of melody worked for five years now by The Third Man since he started producing techno. Echos of glittering dub techno accompanies the progression of a track designed with mathematical precision. But in this case we are talking about math with soul. We are talking about the techno at its finest: Calculation and emotion.

As those huge synth pads that open before the first step typical electro beats that show us the way of this second item entitled “Gliese”. The perfect blend spilling the dreams of a The Third Man who seems to enjoy while projecting the listener all these artificial landscapes that touch our human emotions. What comes to be the architect of techno in its purest form.

The third track is “A & E Rave” and as is clear from the title that cut refers himself to the sound of the free parties in the British Isles. Peek at this track reminiscent of those parties when those bleeps sounded heavenly. The legacy of these raves is reopened before us with some amazing arrangements that had long not listened to this side of clubber paradise.

And for ending, and exceptional  remix made by Victor Santana offered a reinterpretation of the latter track with a more rabid version of this A & E Rave. More physical than mental. More pumping and crazed. A remix intended to catharsis rather than introspective contemplation. Ace!


After his dedication for a while when turned in what is already by right his most cared band, his own intergalactic techno orchestra, the guy of Madrid Víctor Santana returns alone to the techno ring with the premiere of Seven serie, which also includes the presence of two techno kingpins being billed in Detroid, especially representatives of producers batch coming from the 90s, Orlando Voorn and Terrence Dixon, providing two separate remixes that do more than decorate this seventh release of Chaval Records label.

After an arduous experience with his band, who has done musically mature at forces marches, Víctor Santana track reorders much younger and jovial. It is like if the producer were to pull out his playful side to walk and like a greyhound that needs to run in the open field just outside the home stretch to the maximum limits of their freedom. Seven Series (001) is a toy in the form of four cuts that announce new impetus for those outdoor parties already looming carp.

By Helmatica we have a Víctor Santana unleashed walking his streets. We propose a track that might sound until late at a place like techno seamless or four in the evening (or afternoon) in a Ibiza club packet to the rafters. A subtle vocoder runs the backbone of a track designed to dance and enjoy the party canter. A cut that can be consider infectious and addictive. Maybe because everything that makes us want to live makes as well to us to be hooked.

Orlando Voorn produces with a feverish pace under the pace of updates from his account at Soundcloud. Maybe that’s why more Detroit’s Dutchman has no punches when putting his ice when it is a dance floor question. The Dutchman, who is almost a Detroit’s guy already, grab this possible tribute to Salamanca which is Helmántica and does not let go until it is a dance floor breaker. A remix that wins points with an insistent rhythm line that needs fresh air. It couldn’t come at a better time to face the good weather that has arrived late but for this reason will come heavily. As that final rush inordinate that leads to the vortex in which makes depending on what hours the center of the dance floor.

Terrence Dixon with Red Seven opts, instead, for a more underground groove, more club spirit and yes, armed with a murderer hit hat which chops the nervous system to who listens and dances. A very functional and useful track that serves for both, to decompress the dance floor and to starts a new section of snatched up. A remix that justifies the signing of a DJ who has been working with European labels since the mid-90s when it came out with a whole album, Tragedies of a Plastic Sould Junkie, in the veteran team K7!


Víctor Santana is one of the best representatives of the current national techno. From Madrid, Dj, producer and creator of Chaval Records label, Santana has chosen Radio 3 to release three videos exclusively related to the release of his new album, Vector.

In the first of these three videos, we can see Víctor with the photographer Paloma Rincón, who was in charge of the cover of this new work. Meet the production process of the image and the concept behind it in this conversation between the artist and the photographer.

The EP Vector is a double album that was published on Monday April 8th and includes six tracks. In them, the classic Detroit techno is present through remixed of Los Hermanos. Here you have a sample of the music of Víctor Santana, on of the artist of La Radio Encendida 2013, in this case, live with the track “Enjoyment time” from the Sunny Day festival in Granada.

Víctor Santana & Band is a different concept in the musical side of the artist. The band consists of 7 people and it has a string section, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards and nuance that makes it different to the band with all analog machines. Here they are playing the song “Travel”, which blended the sounds taken from the “machines” and organic instruments.