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Los Hermanos

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Dan Caballero, Gerald Mitchell, Santiago Salazar and Rocha Rolando formed Los Hermanos to link Detroit techno with the heartbeat of Mother Earth aka Nature. If Underground Resistance symbolizes man's struggle with the powers that rule the earth, Los Hermanos have always been defenders of nature and its benefits to the detriment of those evil forces are charging the planet for the money. Gerald is an experienced producer in U. R. and first-house productions in Soul City.

Santiago Salazar began to feel the call of the musical wilderness thanks to the tapes his brother borrowed him, who also introduced him to the gay club scene in Los Angeles.

His connection with Los Hermanos began when he was commissioned to remix Return of the Dragons that is one of the best known works of the combo having been played by popular DJs such as Ben Sims and Pete Tong. In U. R. is being undertaken to experiment with funk and acid in a new shift of Mike Banks’ label through the sewers of Motor City.

Dan Caballero a.k.a. Dj Dex is another lover of theory surrounding the techno and has worked with producers like DJ Orlando Voorn and 3000. His skills behind the decks have reported a number of gigs for countries where adore him like some Japanese techno clubs budgeted enough to give off his ass out of his study to catch a plane.

If this is not your case and can not afford to hire him you can always listen the 2002 mix CD from Submerge label that began with the Voice of Grandmother of The Martian.

The same label, Submerge, released in summer 2005, in Japan a few months before, the first album from Los Hermanos, “On another Level”, which had the additional production of Mad Mike. Meanwhile, Dj Rolando left Los Hermanos and UR in January 2005, the same year that they debut in Spain at The Loft in Barcelona.

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