Ausdrücke is a project created by Gale Talk and Galman, two young talents of the city of Madrid.

Ausdrücke concept comes from the same word that names the project. This term comes from the German language, and means "expressions".

Their musical adventure began thanks to a mutual friend introduced them at a party.

Both found to have a huge musical affinity, both when composing such mixing. Such affinity was the seed from which was born a great friendship and a promising project.

Both came together around an idea to develop and successfully accomplished their objective, doing a very personal type of music and having a great acceptance among the most demanding audience.

Their music is based on multi-disciplinary concept, i.e. walking between different electronic music "expressions" without cloistered in a particular style, learning the new and the old, classical and experimental. Giving rise to a myriad of moments and musical possibilities that can hardly be indifferent to their listeners. The metamorphosis is part of this project; however, they never give away their main sign of identity, the underground spirit.

It is remarkable their first release, "Boston EP", published shortly after starting their collaboration in 2011. The label "Blackplace" was commissioned to raise awareness of this project to the public, and he did not disappoint, as the launch was a complete success. This reference is an argument of pure Dub Techno: A whole party of constantly moving chords and basslines that was warmly welcomed by the most demanding. They also had the privilege of working in the EP "System Failure Compilation" the most fashionable Madrid label, Chaval Records. The guys from Ausdrücke will continue delighting us with their personal nuanced sound for a long time, Stay tuned!

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