Born in Madrid, their musical career began in 1980 when they grew up in a neighbourhood atmosphere listening to a variety of legendary bands and musicians, which influenced them from the very beginning.

At the age of 8 and 12 years, received the first guitars as a gift, this woke up all their interest in music, which they will never loose. Soon came the electric guitars and guitar, music and harmony tuitions, as well as listening to records blues and rock classics from the 60s and 70s (Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin...

Their musical interests led them to the end of those years to explore electronic musical grounds, groups like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, all the EBM of that time, Synth pop, dark electronic, all this leaves a wide-ranging influence on musical vision.

In the 80's they studied electronics and Audiovisual what led them to investigate and apply it to his hobby "Music" so they can built and edited their own equipment, effects, amplifiers, pre, EQ,...

In 1992 they bought their first Mac, synthesizers, sequencers,... in order to set up a basic recording studio and start with the first steps by electronic music, by putting their music into a distinctly experimental underground style, which became an impediment for their works to be recognised in those years where the predominance in the scene at the time, with some exceptions, was a tacky and short fashioned style. In the mid-'90s they befriend some producers and DJs with whom they exchanged ideas and working methods (some as well known as C. Varela).

At the beginning of the new century they prepared new material and remixes for labels such us SILICONEMUSIC EMP, Gustavo Sacchetti and Franco Cinelli with which they cooperate and create a great friendship.

In 2001 while combine their compositions and studio equipment grows, they decide to work doing mastering for different companies and record labels (Gran Via musical, The Devil, De Palo, Barsa Disco, ...) also in those years working as AR and art direction of some independent labels.

2002 they prepared a new EP for the label LUXURYGROOVES but as a consequence of a sharply declining industry, this label had to close and their reference remained unpublished.

2002 they published a track within a Spanish electronic music collective, in the compilation EXONIQE of Paco Rico (RIP) with electronic tinged cosmic planner style.

Their style never pigeonholed because of their various and quirky influences from rock, pop or techno.

In the following years they lead their work to more techno sounds, which is the style that they mainly produce in either Detroit, electro, industrial or Birmingham-like.

Stalwarts Vinyl lovers for the sound and for all it represents.

AThey got contact with Chaval Records through a good friend, Isaac Barber aka Machine, and after hearing Retrovision material they are invited to participate for future references of the label by the same Victor Santana, this was great satisfaction for them musically talking, because of the distinctly authentic underground soul and the quality that Victor Santana’s label has currently. They considered him a techno geek just after visiting for the first time his studio, flooded up with circuits and synthesizers (moogs, sequential circuits, roland ...)

Big fans of the Detroit – Berlin connection and as role models, they really value the work and evolution of Spanish producers like Oscar Mulero (evolution and good work) and others anonymously.

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